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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Books Batch 2 2009 (repriced)

The Once and Future King (Complete Collection) by TH White - RM8
Description: The complete story of King Arthur, from his earliest days to the end. 3 books in 1 - a steal.
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Penultimate Peril (Hardcover) by Lemony Snickett (bought at RM4o plus) - RM15
Description: The series is about 3 orphans whose parents were murdered. Somehow the evil Count Olaf got to be appointed guardian to these children and he's only after their inheritance. This book is the 12th book in the series, read what happens to the orphans in this exciting book. Hardcover edition. Pessimists will like this book, as Mr.Snickett tells the tale as realistically as he can (that is, that life is NOT fair).

Genre: Children, Young Adult

The Zahir by Paul Coelho - Rm15
- Like New
- From Authorities accuse Paolo of causing the disappearance of his wife, Esther, who has gone missing without a trace. When Paolo initiates a search for her, he unravels details of his marriage, to which he has never had given any thought and which may have great importance. Eduardo Serano gives Paolo an elegant voice and a reserved personality. Serano skillfully dramatizes the passages in which Paolo masters his situation and finds strength, in spite of being overcome by uncertainty and desperation. Bel┼Żn Diaz's voice portrays Esther, a mysterious mate, with a strong bearing of maturity, self-esteem, and conviction.

The Alchelmist by Paul Coelho - RM15 - Sold! TQ!
- Book Condition: Like New

Knight of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor - RM10 (bought for RM25)
- Book Condition: Like New
- From Kinley Macgregor has written an entertaining, warm, romantic story. I loved it. Such a wonderful journey I didn't want it to end, and there are few books that good out there now. Do not miss it. I have to say I usually do not like books set within the arthurian legend but this one is totally fantastic.

Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman (author of Practical Magic) RM5 SOLD TQ!

The Dragons at War by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - RM5 ONLY
- From Dragons, the true children of Krynn, are power incarnate, and they know it. They come in all guises and forms. Their personalities are as varied as thier colors. Their magical abilities are virtually unlimited. And nothing is so terrifying as dragons on the wing.In this collection, a follow-up to the popular The Dragonss of Krynn anthology, Dragonlance creators, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman serve up a fantastical array of dragon tales featuring the motley races of Krynn and the deadliest creatres of the Dragonlance saga.

Psikologi Cinta by Dato' Dr Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah - RM5 (bought at RM20)
-From blurb: Semua orang ingin hidup dalam suasana penuh kasih sayang. Rasa ingin dicintai dan mencintai adalah fitrah dalam kehidupan. Setiap yang bercinta tentunya ingin bahagia. Buku ini mengupas secara mendalam persoalan berkaitan cinta. Cinta perlu dipelajari dan difahami supaya dapat membantu mencapai hidup yang bahagia.